Founders Joe Dryer and Dave Lambert have worked together in high-tech development for decades, most notably when they collaborated at the Superconducting SuperCollider. They took their talents private in 2000 to form Breakaway Systems. From their early work in data security they moved into embedded systems applications, consulting, and product design.

Joe Dryer


Joe Dryer, earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering. His interests in product promotion and intellectual property later led to MBA and JD degrees. He got his start in control systems by designing the control system for the legendary studio 54. He has been involved in development in corporate, government, and military applications for 40+ years. Some of the larger companies he has worked with are Bell Telephone Laboratories, IBM, Schlumberger, and Emerson. He has worked in numerous fields including lighting controls, computer systems, data acquisition systems, embedded control systems, piezoelectric and thermoelectric device design, embedded gas flow measurement, micro-controller hardware and software, and product marketing.

Dave Lambert

Dave Lambert was born and educated in England, where in his youth he built TVs from scrounged parts, raced motorcycles, and developed a talent for software control systems. He contributed to the original development of GPS receiver software and the Linux operating system. He has worked with Daniel, Tolkheim FSCI, Anadrill/Schlumberger and Westinghouse. He has worked extensively in oil production technology and industrial control system software.

Between them they boast numerous patents, several publications, and a recent attempt on a world land speed record.