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What can we do for you?

Breakaway Systems offers a wide array technology consulting and solutions for any application. Get in contact with us and let us show you what industry leading technology can do for your product.

We offer consulting in hardware and software design, with systems integration, and comprehensive regression testing and debugging.

We offer existing product enhancement services, we understand the need to keep up with a fast paced industry that is constantly moving forward and leaving old technologies behind. Let our experienced professionals take your existing product to the next level by improving upgrade reliability, efficiency and security. We can take your product to the bleeding edge by expanding existing product features, all while reducing size and/or cost.

We'll takle your product's challenges head on from initial idea to a fully market-ready product. Including product conceptualization, prototyping, with full regression testing and revisions. Our engineers will design full installation instructions and comprehensive user guides to cater to end product users.

Our service experience

Over the years we've come accross many design challenges. Clients have approached us with an idea, with our expert staff and years of experience we've helped them realize those ideas into profitable technology solutions.

Some brief examples of challenges customers have presented us led to full system designs including patented system for measuring enhanced ultrasonic measurements, internet-connected power supply monitoring with e-mail alerts, portable enterprise security server, military helicopter audio alarm.

Our software design is somewhat of a specialty, we've helped clients realize design challenges that included ARM implementation of enhanced ethernet interfaces, comprehensive error correction studies, CAN bus implementation, and real-time encryption/decryption methods.

We have designed robust hardware with quality-proven components in the smallest formfactor. To fully realize the potential of our software clients have worked closely with us to help design small ethernet web servers with speaker output for messaging, portable passively-cooled server, and ethernet-connected power supply monitor.multi-antenna wireless pickup for rotating transmitters

We've offered full product design and enhancement that included an upgraded infra-red door monitor, VisualProof traffic counter verification system, Docushield portable high-security server, Annunciator programmable networked alarm.



Breakaway Systems gives you the capability and flexibility of complete computer systems in the size and cost a basic control system. This makes any product infinitely smarter and more flexible. Learn more...

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