Let us show you how far ahead we can take you.

Leading-edge consulting and technology development since 2000.

Serving clients from the Fortune 500 to companies with less than 10 people.

Offering complete system design, software and hardware design.

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Welcome to Breakaway Systems!

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We are a West Houston based technology company formed in 2000 by Joe Dryer and Dave Lambert. The two have been working together ever since their collaboration at the Superconducting SuperCollider, after decades of experience in development with leading technology corporations they decided to take their talents private. As a result Breakaway Systems was formed and set to take aim at tackling a broad range of technological design challenges for clients. We boast numerous patents and industry leading proprietary technologies. With major clients ranging from Halliburton, PGS, Baker-Hughes, Motorola, and others.

Advance your product and create a market ready solution in less time with Breakaway Systems. In an increasing technologically driven economy we understand your need bleeding edge technological solutions, which is why we believe our designs will help seperate you from the pack. Let us show you how far we can take you.



Breakaway Systems gives you the capability and flexibility of complete computer systems in the size and cost a basic control system. This makes any product infinitely smarter and more flexible. Learn more...

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